Couponing is Serious Business

by Frugal Brian


Coupons have always been a good idea, but recently it’s been taken beyond normal limits. With cable TV’s ‘Extreme Couponing’, the whole world is getting a chance to see just exactly what couponing can do for you if you have the time and dedication to make it work. In my efforts to find out more about coupons and the people who use them, I ran across a site called ‘The Grocery Coupon Network’. It’s all coupons all the time. Anything you want to know regarding coupons, this website has it. So since we’re researching coupons, let’s take an in depth look at this website and see what it’s all about… besides coupons that is.

The Grocery Coupon Network

This site says it was specifically created by lovers of coupons for lovers of coupons. It is an absolute must have for your favorite’s column for checking on things such as special offers, discounts and of course grocery coupons. They encourage their loyal followers to shop, with coupons for things such as a brand name items. Consumers are actually responsible for posting these deals and special offers so that others can enjoy their savings. They’re looking for feedback so if you do try out their website be sure to let them know if it was helpful to you or if you have anything that you can contribute. What they do on this website is to break down specific areas of coupons, for instance; baby coupons, cat treat coupons, cosmetics coupons and so on. They’re listed in alphabetical order. OK, time to take a look at one of their categories.

Let’s try cold and cough remedies’ coupons

The article on cold and cough remedies focused on PediaCare in this issue. It explains how PediaCare assists astronauts, teachers and scientists before they even know what those words mean… as children. They feel that their products allow children to master the art of childhood so that they can go on to basically conquer the world. Effective and safe medicine is what PediaCare has been about for years and they have taken the knowledge acquired and expanded their product line for infants and children. Colds, coughs, aches and pains or fever… PediaCare wants you to know that they are there for you and that you can depend on them. And so that you’ll give them a try, here’s a coupon! All of this site’s coupons can be easily printed at home from your computer. So as we can see this particular section is pretty much out of the mouths of the manufacturers.

Coupon matchups

Now I’ll have to be careful here, because I can’t write down exactly what their website says about matching of coupons, but I’ll certainly try to give you the rundown so that you can understand what it’s all about. Basically we’re matching up sales with coupons and in the end, get things for next to nothing or free. Walgreens is a place where all of us have shopped at one time or another, so let’s start there. One happy couponer made a shopping trip to Walgreens and gleefully left the store with her purchases having spent literally next to nothing. How did she do it? Here’s an example: (Walgreens is known for their register rewards so be absolutely sure to familiarize yourself with those before doing your shopping at Walgreens) register rewards take place at the register, ergo the name. Frequently, coupling those with manufacturers’ coupons and Walgreens coupons from say, the Sunday Paper that you have collected for the item can end up bringing the price down to next to nothing… if not, nothing. And don’t forget the mail in rebates.

One last category

We’ll take a look at one more category before we wrap this up. I do after all, have coupons to clip. Looking at this week’s edition on the web site you can find crazy deals for Purina dog chow, Milk Bones, Pedigree dog food, Purina puppy chow, as well as Wal-Mart coupons and various pet supply coupons. Specific stores are listed along with their sales and in store coupons for this week, and there’s even one instance of a free sample for your dog.

This website is absolutely worth the effort of, at the very least, checking out. Set aside some time however because the contents are quite extensive, and you don’t want to skip over anything. This website is going to save you tons of money… check it out!

Looking for Online Coupons

One last tip is that if you are looking for online coupons try, or they’ve got great variety of the top retailers on the web. I recently used a vistaprint coupon to save on my holiday cards.

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