Tips on Finding online coupons on the web

by Frugal Brian


When people think of saving money by using coupons, they usually think of clipping paper from the newspaper to save on groceries. That might have been true in the past, but we live in the information age and everything happens online. I’m not just talking about going online and finding coupons for grocery items at your local store either. There are a number of different sites that offer coupons or coupon codes to be more specific that allow you to save a lot on items that we all probably use at one time or another. Things like money transfers, domain name purchases, web hosting services, books, electronics, and the standard online coupons that you can take to a local chain and save with.

Suggestions on specific sites

Site #1
One of the best sources out there is They boast coupons for 65,000 stores both online and local. Here are some of their top picks with a brief explanation.
When you go to the site you have a few options. You can do a specific search for which stores you are looking for coupons or coupon codes for, or you can look at the top picks for the day. Once you click on the store of your choice you will see the offered coupons with a green circle saying something like “91% success”. This percentage is the number of people that used the coupon and replied as being successful in using it. The number is based on replies versus total number of downloads, not total number of successes. Don’t be mislead or think too harshly if the percentage is low, although it can be an indicator of how you might fare if you print and use a coupon.
You can find codes for nearly anything here. Discounts on sending money are available from sources like Xoom, PayPal, Western Union, and ProPay to name a few. Other coupon codes are available from places like Amazon, Best Buy, WalMart, and other national chains with online presences.
You will see what type it is as well. You will either see the words “COUPON CODE” or your will see “PRINTABLE COUPON”. This should be fairly self explanatory, but next to the “COUPON CODE” will be the..yep, you guessed it…the coupon code.

Site #2
Another source for coupon codes is They bill themselves in the following fashion:

“ has trained staff whose job is to find new and current coupon codes.”

A nice change of pace considering that many of the sites you will come across on the internet when you search for “online coupon codes” are homepages of individuals filled with ads and codes that have been outdated for a year or two. has an easy search function but also offers a browse by category and an alphabetical feature if you just want to take a look around. You can find listings on travel from companies like Expedia coupons to Southwest coupons or lodging at places like the Bellagio to Best Western. The amount of companies represented is staggering.

You can probably find more sites with a proper search and are limited only by your willingness to try various sources. If you feel inclined, take the time to find more, although with the two listed there aren’t a lot of retailers that aren’t listed. We have all known for a long time that coupons can help save money on things like groceries but we usually relegated them to being used locally. Now coupons have gone digital and can be used on almost anything you can think of. The chances of finding a coupon for what you want are pretty high if you just know where to look. Hopefully this has been of some help and will make life a bit less expensive without sacrificing the things that make life worth living. Frugality is about enjoying life without the exorbitant cost, it is about living a full life for a fraction of the cost, and about making and sharing with others so life is richer for all.

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