What’s up with Couponing These Days

by Frugal Brian


If you’ve seen TLC’s new show, Extreme Couponing, then you already know that saving 90% or more of your total grocery bill is not uncommon. What you have to realize is that these coupon cutters treat their coupon cutting and saving like a fulltime job. They’re not kidding. In fact, the word ‘extreme’ is a gross understatement. Most shoppers, even with their couple of coupons, still end up staring forlornly at their grocery store receipts. They just keep getting higher and higher. But these people exit the store with a smile on their face and money in their pockets.

The only time I leave the grocery store with a smile on my face is if I’m looking forward to chowing down on something I just bought. And don’t even get me started with what these people’s pantries look like. Dear lord! Their pantry looks like a quick stop convenience store, except their pantry’s shelves are stocked better than the store shelves. The last episode I watched made me curious as to how prone these people are to having something on one of their shelves expire before they get around to using it. I mean seriously, who can use up 100 tubes of toothpaste by the time they go bad? By all means, save money with coupons because you’re going to need that money to build an addition on your house in which to store all the stuff you buy with your coupons. I don’t know, you have to figure it out.

When these people buy in bulk, they buy in bulk!

This extreme usage of coupons frequently goes along with buying things in bulk. These shoppers look for coupons and sales together and stock up due to the extreme savings. Their reasoning is that these things don’t go on sale all the time so we have to get while the gettin’s good. These people probably can’t even park their cars in their two car garage because it’s full of food. So remember, it’s not just the effort that you’ll put forth or the time it takes to clip and organize all your coupons; you’re going to need some extreme storage space to go along with your extreme couponing. Perhaps the TLC channel could couple some of their shows together. Extreme Couponing coupled with those do it yourself builder or home improvement shows. Extreme Couponing Meets Extreme Home Pantry Makeover. I better see some royalties if they use that.

 What? I cut the coupons out of my Sunday Paper! What more is there?

You’re kidding right? You’re thinking that sitting down and clipping coupons from the Sunday Paper is what these extreme couponers utilize to get all the great deals that they tow their shopping carts home with? Really? You have to get far more aggressive than that to save the kind of money that those people save. They walk out of that store paying a measly 10%, most of the time less, of their entire grocery bill. You think they do that with Sunday Paper coupons? They don’t settle for that. Subscribing to several weekend editions of various papers, providing they carry decent coupons or sales ads, will multiply your opportunities for your coupon cutting extravaganza. Don’t drop a lot of money on these subscriptions however because that would be defeating the purpose. Friends or relatives and coworkers that aren’t using their coupons, if they don’t mind, can be hit up for multiple coupon collecting opportunities. And when Monday rolls around, what do the stores do with all the unsold Sunday papers? All those coupons… where do they go?

You’re going to be on your computer anyway…

Have any idea how many online resources there are for printable coupons? Far too many to list here, I’ll tell you that. Something else you can find online are promo codes from sites like Couponloco. When buying online, upon checkout many sites will ask you for a promo code which will significantly decrease the price. If you have it, you can save even more money. And daily deal alerts come from all sorts of sources on the web, so be sure to sign up for those websites as well.

No matter how you get your coupons, remember that when using an extreme amount of them, you need to be polite. Let someone with just a couple of things go before you, and don’t ever hesitate to nicely call a manager if there seems to be a problem. Sometimes, even the managers are unaware of specials and sales. Happy couponing!

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