Homemade Valentine Gift Ideas

by Frugal Brian


The primary focus of Valentine’s Day is for couples to demonstrate their love for each other. Traditionally this is done by exchanging gifts and candy. While this holiday, like most others, has had a heavy element of commercialism overlaid on it, some of the most treasured gifts are those that have been lovingly handmade. For those couples who truly love each other, it really is the thought that counts. The possibilities are nearly endless but to get the creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas for homemade Valentine gifts.

A wonderful gift that can be enjoyed as much by the giver as the recipient is a romantic movie basket. Starting with a simple straw basket you add a DVD movie, either a popular favorite of your loved one’s or an unseen (as yet) movie within their favorite genre. Add to this a couple of bottles of wine or champagne, and a small box or bag of their favorite candy. This makes for the beginning of a romantic evening for you both. If you have a fireplace, you can add some marshmallows and roasting sticks for even more fun by the fire.

A variation on this theme would be to instead make a basket of your partner’s favorite cookies. Wrap with ribbon and add a printed monogram or name for the personal touch. If your loved one has more carnivorous tendencies, you can use a selection of cheeses and summer sausages. Such baskets are not just for Christmas.

yet another candy oriented gift is the simple brown lunch bag full of candy. You can pretty it up with a strip of construction paper with foil covered hearts glued on. This label can be attached to the bag with a clothespin. It can make a great surprise treat placed inside your loved one’s briefcase or lunchbox.

You can frame your Valentine message. Beginning with a wooden picture frame, use red and pink construction paper and make a background pad of hearts. Then over this background place photos, romantic messages or whatever will fit under glass to create a framed Valentine’s Day card that can be hung or placed in your home.

Both useful and pretty, you can start with a tea mug and put several foil-wrapped bags of your partner’s favorite tea inside. Top the mug with a small grouping of roses and a message card. Placed in a conspicuous place on the breakfast table, it is sure to get the day started off in a very good way.

For a slightly more traditional touch, it is hard for a man to go wrong by giving his lady a bouquet of flowers. This does not necessarily need to be an expensive bunch of roses from the florist, a hand-gathered and tied bouquet of flowers can be assembled easily. It is best to use flowers that have compact blooms. Roses and ranunculus flowers work very well for this. Begin by gathering the flowers in your hand, one blossom at a time until you have a group the size you want. Using a rubber band gently fasten them together then tie a colorful ribbon around the stems. Double back and tie the ribbon off into a bow. Trim the stems to a uniform length and you are ready to present them to your loved one.

If live flowers are more your mate’s ideal than a handful of dead ones, you can use your computer printer to create a montage of photos and loving messages that can be cut out and wrapped around a flowerpot. Whether you give her a flower or a young herb plant, such as rosemary, this small token of love will grow with you throughout the year.

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