Frugal Living for Seniors – Discounts and More

by Frugal Brian


For those of advance age, the label of ‘Senior Citizen’ can actually be a great help to your budget.  While most people are familiar with discounts offered to seniors at restaurants, many don’t realize that they don’t have to belong to any association in order to get discounts at other places.  It has been said that a society can be judged by how well it treats its elders.  If that is true, then the United States is getting a bit better and should be climbing up the ranks.  In the US, the elderly used to have to show a membership card at places to get discounts.  That isn’t necessary anymore, except in a few situations.  It would seem that many places of businesses are beginning to see a large market in the elderly and have begun to cater to them more than before.

Senior Living Discounts from has a new service that has three tiers of membership.  The first tier, or Basic Registration is free the next tier or Gold Registration is $7.95 per year, and the last tier, Premium Registration is $12.95 annually.  Each level has different benefits, but with a Basic Registration (free) seniors will get their newsletter and some basic discount information.  With each advancement in registration more information is made available including a database of specific locations in the user’s area that offer discounts to seniors.  To find out more information click here.  The information you can get will help you achieve discounts on everything from car rental, travel, restaurants, museums and parks, medical services, and even pharmacies.  Senior Living Discounts is a great resource that will more than pay for itself in a single year even at the highest membership registration level.

Senior Discount to National Parks

For US residents or citizens over the age of 62, the National Parks Organization offers a one-time processing fee of $10 to receive a National Parks Senior Pass.  The savings on admissions to the various National Parks can be great if you plan on traveling a bit.  Some examples of savings are: 

  • National Parks that charge entrance or amenities fees will allow free admittance to Senior Pass holders including all the people in the private vehicle with them.
  • National Parks that typically charge a per person admission fee will allow each Senior Pass holder entrance free of charge as well as 3 additional adults (senior citizen status not necessary) for free as well.  For those individuals under the age of 16, admittance is normally free of charge.  The $10 for the Senior Pass would pay for itself in a single vacation with the grandkids.
  • National Parks charging Federal Use Fees for things like camping, boating, swimming, parking, and tours will give a 50% discount to Senior Pass holders.

If you are planning on taking in the National Parks in the US, the “America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – Senior Pass” is a great investment offering a wonderful return on investment.  For more information please go to the National Park Service – U.S. Department of the Interior website.

 It Never Hurts to Ask

For those who have had the privilege of reaching Senior Citizen status, there are a number of discounts that are available on a daily basis.  However, not all establishments and businesses advertise that they offer discounts to those of advanced years.  One great way to continue to live frugally in your retirement years is to ask for a discount.  Whenever you do business with an establishment, prior to paying it is wise to ask if they offer any kind of Senior Citizen discount.  This practice is even good for those who aren’t retired yet.  In some locales, discounts are offered to individuals over the age of 55! 

The wonderful thing about offering discounts to Seniors is that it allows those who have paved the way for the rest of us to benefit a bit more from all of their hard work.  For those who have made a lifestyle of living frugally and now find themselves advanced in years, there are more benefits today than there were a decade ago.  Take advantage of the savings and be proud to call yourself a Senior Citizen.

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