How to Whiten Teeth Cheaply and Naturally

by Frugal Brian

whitening teeth

We all want to flash that bright gleaming white smile we admire our movie and television stars for having. And many have tried the professional route with whiteners applied by our dentist (very expensive) or store bought so called magic applications that promise “amazing results” but simply do not do as much to whiten up our teeth as we anticipated. Those of us who are frugal minded (and today who isn’t?) want to find practical ways to accomplish what we need but at affordable prices and even for free if possible.

Teeth are not as hard as we like to think

Teeth are comprised of calcium and phosphorus along with some other minerals in layers that make up the enamel surface and form an especially hard material that is made to withstand biting and crunching all of the food we eat. These minerals are not naturally a bright white (that brilliant white we want to see when we smile) and attempting to make that surface whiter than nature allows may cause damage to the tooth. Teeth that are abused by over whitening attempts will become softer and far more prone to developing dental caries (cavities). There are some useful home remedies that can safely brighten up teeth without costing the thousands a trip to the dentist will set you back.

Eight ways to effectively whiten teeth at home

1)    The old stand by remedy has always been baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. Brush it on with your toothbrush in a paste form (mix a little water with the soda powder) and allow it to stay on for a few minutes. Then brush your teeth as usual. Repeat this twice a day and you will soon see some pleasing results.

2)    Hydrogen peroxide is useful for whitening up many things, including bleaching hair. Use peroxide mixed with some baking soda to form a paste that can then be brushed just like you use your toothpaste. This is best used as a stain remover but will whiten teeth somewhat.

3)    The bark of a walnut tree is reportedly an excellent whitener when rubbed on to the surface. This could be called an old time remedy that is 100% natural.

4)    Strawberries, when rubbed on daily, are a good stain remover and will also whiten the enamel somewhat. Either mash the meat of the strawberry up into a toothpaste consistence, and then brush with it, or rub it on because the seeds are what will scrub your teeth and there is a natural whitener in this fruit as well. Brush your teeth as usual after use because there is also sugar and acids in strawberries.

5)    Apple cider vinegar has long had an excellent reputation as the top most reliable household remedy for a myriad of everyday problems and whitening teeth is one of them. Dip your toothbrush in this tasty vinegar every night and brush away the yellow and stains.

6)    One surprising remedy for dull, yellow teeth is found to be EVOO or extra virgin olive oil. Rub it on your teeth with a clean cloth or makeup removal pad for at least five minutes then brush as usual with your favorite toothpaste. Works amazingly well!

7)    Orange peelings (the inside of the peel) rubbed onto the teeth will also whiten effectively.

8)    A tooth whitener called potassium hydroxide is found in hard wood ash and this, when rubbed onto the teeth’s surface will whiten quite reliably. There are little crystals of potassium hydroxide that will effectively scrub your teeth and remove stains while whitening. As this is a rather abrasive product you should not use it for long periods of time. Maybe every other day for a few weeks and this is all you should need.

Some “cures” can create more problems than they solve

There are some recommendations found online that simply do not work and some that might well cause damage to the surface of your teeth. Lemon juice has been recommended but do not use it on your teeth! The acid in the juice of a lemon works great as a bleach or whitener on many things such as dirty or crusted elbows, facial blemishes, and even on stained furniture and fabrics. But the teeth tend to pit or develop tiny holes when that acidic juice is applied and left on the surface. Then every possible staining food will seep into the tooth’s surface and remain there forever. Besides, that tooth will be weakened and more likely to develop cavities. Even those strawberries can pose problems due to the sugar content of this tasty fruit. The seeds will help brighten and whiten your tooth’s enamel but you must brush with toothpaste soon after in order to avoid causing more harm than good. Be a good frugal consumer and flash that bright white smile. You’ve saved a ton of money and you deserve it!

Hydrogen Peroxide Video for Whitening Teeth

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