The Many Unique Uses of Vaseline

by Frugal Brian


When Vaseline first came out, it was marketed for the cut protection. It was said to create a barrier that would promote healing by keeping water, air, and bacteria out. Vaseline is great for dry skin, but this inexpensive moisturizer in a tub is also great for many other things.

First aid:

-Vaseline helps to prevent windburn by creating a barrier on top of the skin to protect it from the wind
-It lubricates psoriasis and eczema prone skin to help get rid of the dry patches.
-When applied thick to the scalp, it eliminates lice by smothering them.
-It helps to heal burns but moisturizing the skin.
-When placed under the nose, Vaseline can help minimize allergies by trapping pollen before it enters the nostrils.
 -It helps heal poison ivy lesions.


-Vaseline is said to help your eyelashes grow thicker and longer over time when coating them nightly.
-Smear your feet with Vaseline and then covering them with socks before going to bed and you should wake up with softer feet.
-Vaseline can be used as lip gloss. If you mix it with a little Kool-Aide powder, you can make flavored and colored lip gloss. Also, add a chocolate chip to a little lip gloss and let it melt in the microwave. When it hardens, you have homemade chocolate flavored lip gloss.
-It helps maintain perfume scent when you apply Vaseline to perfume points before you spritz the perfume.
-Mixing some with sea salt makes a great bath scrub.
-Applying Vaseline to your teeth before applying lipstick prevents the lipstick from sticking to them.
-In a pinch, it can be used as eye makeup remover.
-Apply it to your cheeks for a dewy look, or under eye shadow for a shiny effect.
-Vaseline can be used to lubricate ear lobes to make putting in an earring painless and easier.
-It also helps get off stuck on rings.
-Coating your nails with Vaseline makes nails pliable and more resilient.
-Mix with your lipstick or powder blush to make a cream blush.
-Dab a little on unruly eyebrows to help tame them.
-A little applied to eyelashes leaves a glossy, waterproof look.
-It can help with healing after cosmetic surgery. It also helps protect and heal new tattoos.
-Massaged into the scalp, it reduces itching and scaling due to dandruff.
-When coloring your hair, apply Vaseline along the hairline to protect your skin from coming in contact with the chemicals in the dye.
-Rub some on your hands and scrunch through hair for a choppy look.
-Use just a little bit on the ends of your hair to glue together split ends.
-Rub Vaseline on the neck of nail polish bottles so the caps will not get stuck.
-You can stretch your favorite lotion by adding some Vaseline to it.
-Use Vaseline to exfoliate your lips. Put Vaseline on your lips and leave it on for a few minutes. Then scrub lips with a toothbrush and wipe off.
-It can remove false eyelash glue from your lash line, just rub a little on with your finger.
-Apply a small amount on any dry skin spots before using a fake tanning lotion to prevent uneven tanning.

Other Household Uses:

-Rub Vaseline on the exposed edges after curving your Halloween pumpkin. It will help keep it from going dry or rotting.
-Use a little to shine leather shoes and bags. Wipe Vaseline over the leather and remove any excess with a cloth.
-Keep the wheels oiled and lubricated on skates and skateboards by putting a small dab around the cylinders.
-Rub a little Vaseline on the inside of your candle holders before putting in the candle to prevent the wax from sticking it.
-Stop a squeaking faucet by removing the handle and stem, and applying Vaseline to the metal threads.
-Use it as a lubricant on your sailboat’s spinnaker pole.
-Rub a little on your shower curtain rod to keep the rings from getting stuck.
-Apply a dab onto your car’s battery terminals to stop corrosion.
-To remove stains from linen napkins, put a little Vaseline on the stain before washing it.
-Use Vaseline to soften leather baseball gloves.

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I love Vaseline but is it greasy.

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