Five Real Ways To Save Money On Your Internet Bills

by Frugal Brian

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One of the best ways to save money is by reducing a regular monthly expense.  If you look at your monthly budget, there are probably a lot of bills that you can be reduced very easily.  There are also a number of ways to reduce those bills.  To start, you need to identify one at a time that you can be focused on.

In these times, an internet connection is almost mandatory.  Whether for employment reasons, staying in touch with friends and family, or finances, many things depend on you being able to be online.  Plus, there is the entertainment factor that the internet provides.  For many of us, it really is a necessity.

You can save real money on your internet bill too and very easily.

Bundle Your Services If you also have phone and television service, many local internet companies offer a bundled package that includes possibly two or even all three of the services you use.  They offer a discount to each in exchange for your commitment to get all three services through them.  This is not an option for you if you do not already have television and phone service too.  If you do though, this can save you a great deal.

Purchase Your Own Hardware Many internet companies provide for you the access you need to get online while also providing you the hardware required too.  If you look closely at your bill though you will see that you may be getting charged for those items.  If you send those back though and purchase your own router and/or modem, you will pay more up front but eliminate that monthly charge that over time would have eclipsed the cost of the hardware.  Owning your hardware instead of renting it from your internet provider is a good way to save a few dollars every month.

Lower Your Limits Odds are that as much as you use the internet, you do not come close to the limits you are paying for.  This is a classic way to make a little extra money off of you because you end up paying for internet access you never use.  You can call your internet provider and lower your limits and end up having more than enough service to use for everything you need.  If you can’t lower your limits, look into using the method below to help you reduce the amount of internet usage you are charged for.

Get A Tablet Computer If you already own a tablet computer, or have been thinking of getting one, it will open up a way of saving money on your internet bill.  You could then either cancel your internet entirely or you can lower your limits as described above.  Then, if you need additional internet access you can take your portable tablet computer to any of the local places that offer free internet access, and make use of their service.  A tablet computer can go a long way towards saving you money on your monthly internet bill.

Call Your Provider When all else fails, call your internet provider and explore the ways that they can save you money on your bill.  Different providers have different price structures or even special offerings.  Many times they will not advertise those specials to current customers, but instead only openly offer them to new customers.  If you call and ask about specials though, they will then generally disclose them to you.  If that fails, you can also try insinuating that you can get internet service elsewhere for a cheaper price and your provider may decide to match or lower your price.  Be prepared though, this strategy may end up forcing you to switch providers should your bluff be called.

You must keep going over any other variables possible when looking at possible discounts on your bill.  Be creative and feel free to go off of the list too.  Once you have gotten your internet bill down as low as you can, it is time to look at other bills.  You can approach things like your phone, cable, and other bills with the same attitude and strategy.  Good luck on your potential savings!

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