Cash tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

by Frugal Brian


With Smart Phones available to the majority of consumers, it’s no wonder that the phone apps continue to dazzle and amaze us.  Every function under the sun is available.  There are apps to find the nearest pizza pub, directions, Photoshop enhancers, email, stock market activity and banking options.   It seems today, whether it’s the Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Android, the smart phone can do it all.

Since money makes the world go around, some super-convenient phone apps now include expense tracking which can also be combined in helping you create a smart budget, based on the categories of expenses you prefer.  The majority of spending occurs when we aren’t at home anyway, right?  Using these handy apps keeps the information recorded as soon as possible to have a clear picture where the money could – or did – go and what would be a wise course of action.  Spend now, pay later, or hang on till next month when the situation may be more favorable.

Here are a few to try:

  • Mint ( works with a mobile phone and helps track expenses and assets.  Data can be entered at any place and time.  It is compatible with the iPhone and allows you to categorize expenses immediately without leaving them to memory and guesswork later.  You can see all your balances at once with the Mint program, savings, checking and expense categories.
  • Money Trakka, an intuitive money tracking system with a five star rating.  Simple and powerful, it starts with expense entry and builds from there.  Suggested budgets from one week, 14 days, 1 month and a year, actual spending is compared to the proposed budget amounts.  A special calculator is provided for entering financial data.  For the iPhone.
  • You Need a Budget ( to control your cash flow.  After entering your monthly income and expenses, it actually tells you how much you need to spend and save!  The cost is $60 (one time only) including a cellular phone application, but there are also charges to the mobile app.  A free 34 day trial is also available so you can try before you buy.
  • Savvy money ( for spending and debt management
  • Hello Wallet ( is proactive in that it helps you plan ahead for increasing personal net worth.  A custom-made plan is provided to the user after entering financial details.  It costs $9/month.
  • Adaptu ( is free, designed for the iPhone.  It gives you a moment by moment forecast of what you can spend considering your debt/income ratio based on user data entered into the program.
  • The Birdy ( sends you a daily email asking you to enter your expenses for the day and creates a great multi-colored pie chart so you can see exactly where your money is going!  It’s free to use.
  • For iPhone users, the Cash Tracker ( is a free application which can also be used on the iPod Touch and iPod.  The Cash Tracker 3.1 is now available.  Besides keeping track of spending, it also records mileage, foreign exchange rates for travelers, and produces Excel exportable reports for taxes and other needs.  It also builds a personalized budget and shows you how well you are sticking to it.
  • Manilla ( is a free cellular phone application for both Android and iPhone.  It reminds you when your bills are coming due and enables you to pay them online (or through your smart phone) with a single password.  Statements can also be stored on Manilla.  It’s free!
  • Documents Free is a handy tool for those who get their inspiration on the run.  It’s free to download.  You can…. and make an excel spreadsheet wherever you happen to be.  This is the chance to make a quick document, write-up or sales analysis …
  • Money Diary.  The cost is only $0.99.  Developed by Kim Haro, it provides you with an automatically-calculated weekly, monthly or annual budget based on your spending habits.
  • Neat Receipts provides a scanner and a tracker to indicate whether the receipt you scanned is tax deductible or not.  Paper documentation up to 8-1/2” wide can be scanned.  This is great for keeping track of daily expenses, which can be imported to TurboTax, Quicken or You Need a Budget, as well as the traditional Excel spreadsheet.
  • will help you find the best gas prices available in three classes of gasoline plus diesel.  You can do a search based on your phone’s location or by city and zip.  Free for the downloading, it’s Android compatible.
  • is just what an iPhone or Android user alike can benefit by using.  It goes the extra mile by stratifying expenses by classification after scanning credit card receipts from your mobile phone.  Fully integrated with a variety of accounting software (like Fresh Books, QuickBooks) it gathers information and can generate an expense report effortlessly.  It’s free to individuals, and fully compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and webOS.

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