How to Make Your Cell Phone Last Longer

by Frugal Brian

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Today, cell phones can be a costly investment.  If you want to get the most out of your purchase, then you should learn how to take care of your cell phone to make it last as long as possible.  Taking special care of your cell will ensure that it lasts longer and costs you less on repairs and parts replacements.

Temperature-Wise: One of the things you can do is to keep the temperature around your cell phone fairly warm.  Cold leaches the power out of your battery and it can actually harm the touch screen if the phone is left in direct sunlight and heat too long.

Handle with Care: There are the basics to cell phone longevity as well.  Handle your cell phone with care and resist the urge to toss it to others.  Water, in fact any liquid in general, can sound the death knell to cell phones.  If you want to keep you cell phone functioning for any length of time, make sure you keep it dry.

Don’t forget to get a case! There are many cases that will protect your fragile phone from the accidental drop. Don’t think you will be so careful as to never drop your phone.  Trust me on this one… I speak from personal experience!

Increase Battery-Life: Some people don’t realize that the first thing that will die on their cell phone is the battery.  There are ways to make sure that your battery’s longevity remains intact as well.

  • Condition the battery: The first thing you should do when you get your new cell phone is make sure the battery is good and dead.  Most batteries will have a partial charge on them.  Resist the temptation to charge the battery right away.  In fact, many owner’s manuals tell you to do this very thing.  Of course, the manufacturers have an interest in getting you to buy a new battery sooner rather than later.  Use the phone until the battery is completely dead.  Then charge the battery fully.  Once you have done this for four or five cycles and then you can begin charging it on a daily basis because you have properly conditioned your cell phone battery.  This practice will not only help give you more time between necessary charges, it will actually lengthen the life of the battery and your phone will work like new for a longer period.
  • Charge only when needed: Let your cell phone discharge fully or at least up to less than 50% before charging it again. If the cell phone battery is kept on ac charging all the time or if it is charged when it has sufficient charge left, it tends to get “weaker”.
  • Do this once a week: Every week, at least once, let your cell phone discharge fully. That is, let the battery die out and let it charge while in off state. You can do it on a weekend night. Then you can use the cell phone as usual (and charge it as usual) the entire week. This will rejuvenate the battery and make it last much longer.
  • Turn it off: Turn your phone off whenever you’re not using it. This will allow the batteries to cool down.
  • Don’t overcharge: Don’t leave your phone on charging for extended periods of time; take it off the charges once it has charged itself fully. In case you charge overnight or let it charge unattended, you can use an outlet timer and set it to the approximate charging time span. It will automatically put your battery off-charging once the time limit has been reached.
  • Android Specific:As an owner of an Android phone, I can also tell you the following suggestions.
    • 1. Don’t buy or use any app that is a “task killer”. The Android operating system already has the most efficient battery saving system built in. There is no need to kill running tasks.  Many people make the mistake of using a task killer for their apps when there is no need for it.
    • Turn off GPS, Wi-fi, and 4G systems whenever you do not need these. These are the most battery draining uses.
    • Purchase an extended battery that doubles the life of your android phone. There are many extended batteries for sale.
    • Get the “JuiceDefender” App. This app will help boost battery life by managing idle applications.  This app is a top rated app in the Google Play Marketplace.
    • Get rid of the “Haptic Feedback”. Go to Settings, then go to Sound, find the option for “haptic feedback” and turn it off. Haptic feedback gives a vibration when a soft touch key is pressed, this is unneccessary unless you are blind (if you are blind, how do you use your smartphone?).

How to save your phone from “drowning”: If the unthinkable does occur and you drop you cell phone into water, don’t panic!  All may not be lost.  However, you will have a very short time in which to act if you wish to save your phone.  Here’s what you should do:

  • The first thing you must do is get your phone out of the water as quickly as possible.
  • The second thing you must do is turn the phone off.  The main reason that phones are killed when submerged in water is due to the electrical shorts that take place in the water.
  • The secondary reason that phones die when exposed to large amounts of water is corrosion.  If you can get the phone out of the water quickly, and turn it off and allow it to dry, you have a better chance of your phone surviving.  Leave the phone off and disassemble it as much as possible without causing any damage.  Turn out all of the parts, like micro SD cards, SIM cards, and the like onto an absorbent surface and allow to dry overnight.
  • Do not use a hairdryer, the heat can cause damage of another sort. The only thing you can do is wait till morning, reassemble the phone, and try to power it up to see if it works.

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