Traveling to Hawaii on a Shoestring Budget

by Frugal Brian


Many people only dream of a Hawaiian vacation because of the prohibitive costs involved with visiting the 50th state in the Union. They hear the call of the white sandy beaches, the palm trees, hula dancers, leis, drinking from coconuts, and whole hogs roasted beneath the sands of the beach. With all of these things and the crystal blue waters surrounding the island state, Hawaii has been one of the top travel destinations for many people over the years. For many, the costs are simply too high to enjoy such a tropical paradise, so their travel to Hawaii remains firmly fixed in the land of dreams.

Fortunately, dreams can come true and they will not necessarily cost an arm and a leg to make into a reality. There are a few things you should take into consideration when planning your Hawaiian getaway if you want to do it on a shoestring. Realize that when we say “shoestring”, it will still be a bit bigger of a shoestring than travelling to other states in the Union. Hawaiian travel requires either airfare or ship travel costs.

Fair Air Fare

Most people tend to think that if you book your flight a year in advance you will get the best possible price. However, in some cases, this is exactly the opposite of the truth. If you can be flexible in your travel times, you might be able to save hundreds of dollars by booking last minute tickets on a flight that is not fully booked.

Many flight costs will depend upon your departure point. If you are departing from the east coast, the costs will be significantly higher than if you were departing from the west coast. If you live on the west coast, this is a benefit for you in your shoestring Hawaiian vacation. If you live on the east coast, it might behoove you to check the costs of Hawaiian flights out of the west coast and then a connecting flight from the east coast to the west coast. Depending upon the time of year, you might get lucky and save a few dollars.

Something of which many people are unaware is that many flights out of non-metropolitan airports can actually be less expensive than flying out of major hubs. Instead of flying out of La Guardia, look for a smaller airport that is not too much further out for you. It is possible to save a couple hundred dollars by doing this. The smaller airports are willing to charge less in their attempt to gain a larger portion of the air travel market share.

Use coupons

When booking online using coupons is a must. Since Hawaii is a popular destination, you are always bound to find some type of coupon, promotion, or deal that is unbeatable. For example, when booking a with a service like Expedia, use an expedia coupon code that will help you find the best savings. Travelocity also has coupons, sometimes called promotional codes. When using a Travelocity coupon. at checkout, it may save you hundreds of dollars, and all you just had to do was to enter a promotion code. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

Off Season Traveling

One thing that you should know right from the start is that in Hawaii, there really is no “off season”. Hawaii is a year round travel destination. However, there are times of the year where things are less busy than at others. The peak Hawaiian tourism months are between November and March. Therefore, it is only wise to check travel fares on dates between April and October. This will not only reduce your costs in air travel but also help you to spend less while on the islands.

Which Island?

The hands down winner of the most affordable island in Hawaii are Oahu. This is typically because of the package deals that one can find to Oahu. In many cases, you can find package deals that include everything from airfare, hotels, car rental, and tours. When buying in package deals like this the prices are lower because of increased buying power that the travel agencies have by buying in “bulk”.

If you decide to do things on your own, Oahu is still the ideal low cost destination because of the many free activities you can enjoy. For those who simply want to soak up the rays of the sun on the white sandy beaches of Waikiki, to those who want to swim the inspiring blue waters with snorkel and fins, if you bring it yourself, it does not cost you to participate in the activities.

Another reason that Oahu is famed as a tourist destination is because it is home to many wonderful activities and destinations not offered on the other islands of the archipelago. You can view the world famous waterfalls of the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, the Waikiki Aquarium, the Honolulu Zoo, Pearl Harbor, the rain forest of the Kahana Valley State Park, and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

If you take the time to research, plan ahead, be flexible on the dates of your travel, and look for package deals that offer an overall savings, you can make your Hawaiian vacation dream become a reality in the not too distant future.

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