Add To Your Income By Becoming A Writer

by Frugal Brian


Everyone can use extra money from time to time.  There are ways to add to your income that do not inhibit you from doing your regular job or from your family life.  There are a lot of different ways to make extra money on your own time.  Finding one of those ways that work for you is a great way to go about increasing your income, saving some money, or having more funds to put towards debt.  The trick is finding the right way to earn that extra money.

If you are looking for a way to make extra money, take some time to think about becoming a writer.  For some this may seem like a daunting thing.  You do not have to think like that though.  When thinking about becoming a writer these days it is not like you have to try and be the next J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, or Tom Clancy.  These days, all it takes to become a writer is the inclination, talent, time, and know how.

Personal digital ebook readers are extremely popular these days and with Amazon’s Kindle marketplace being very user friendly, it is actually extremely easy to become a writer.  Once you have the written ebook, all you have to do is convert it to the right format, design a cover or have one designed for you, and go about submitting it with the very easy to use submission platform in place there.  Once it is uploaded, you can choose to promote the book or just let the Amazon marketplace do the work for you.  They then sell the book and you get a share of the profits.  Then, if your book is popular, it continues to sell month after month and you get that residual income and the work is all done.

The best way to go about this is to choose a subject you either have a passion for or one that you have great knowledge in.  This makes it easier to stick to the writing of your book.  It also makes it take less time because you will not have to spend so much time doing research.  You do not have to be overwhelmed by the length of your book either because it is not uncommon for ebooks to be of shorter length than hardcover books on the shelves of a bookstore.  Your subject matter can be anything you choose too.  Perhaps you have fiction writer buried deep inside you who has been just waiting for their story of life in the Old West, on the high seas, or far into the future to get out.  You could also choose to enter the world of nonfiction and write on a process or subject you know a great deal about.

When your book is complete, make sure that you edit if for spelling and grammar errors.  Perhaps you have a co-worker or friend who can edit it for you.  You must also get yourself a book cover for your book.  You can design this yourself with a simple graphic program.  You can also outsource the design of the book cover to someone you know who is good with graphics.  You can also get a book cover made affordably at places like or any of the other outsourcing websites.  Once your project is complete, it needs to be converted into the proper format.  This also can be done very easily by yourself or farmed out to a specialist.

Once you have a complete converted project, it is just a matter of signing up for the author program at Amazon and submitting your book and cover.  You decide the price and confirm that the work is yours and not belong to someone else.  You then upload it and usually within 48 hours it is approved and available on the marketplace.  You can then decide to promote it wherever you like.  Depending on the length of your book and the amount of research that went into it, you could have your book done and available for sale in as little as one week.  You could also put much more time into it and take months and months to get it just right.  Whatever route you take, becoming a published writer online is very easy.

Once you have taken these steps you are free to sit back and admire your work or move on to another way of bringing some extra money in.  If you want, if you’ve enjoyed the process, and if you have had some success with your first book, you can repeat the process over and over.  Do not limit yourself to just one title on the marketplace if that is what you want.  Why not take it to the extreme?

The extra money that comes in can then be used to pay off old debt, save for a vacation or large purchase, or just supplement your monthly budget.  You can also take a lot of pride in the fact that you have become a professional writer.

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